Dirty Scrubs

Dirty Scrubs: A Grey's Anatomy RPG
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Welcome to Dirty Scrubs, an RP community based on the ABC hit TV show Grey's Anatomy. We're starting from the beginning of Season 3 [through 3.02] and going AU from there.

We're here to have fun, but we take our ground rules very seriously:

1. Members must be over 16 years of age.

2. Posts with sexual content must be locked - Friends Only.

3. Post often! If you're going to be unable to post for a considerable length of time, let your mods know with a post in the OOC community. Members who "disappear" for more than two weeks are subject to replacement at the whim of the Mods.

4. Timeline, timeline, timeline. Posts need to be in order, characters can't be in two [or three, or four...] places at once, and Meredith can't get pregnancy test results 48 hours after intercourse.

This role-play is meant for entertainment purposes only. These characters and images used are property of Shodra Rhimes and ABC.