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13 November 2006 @ 09:19 am
Meredith closes the door behind her the click of the door ringing through the almost silent pediatric floor. Everyone had gone home hours ago. Meredith rests her head on the nurses stations. It had been a long day. The baby was finally stable. It appeared that both the mother and child would be okay.

Meredith picks up her head and walks down the stairs to the surgical floor, figuring something would be going on down there. She walks across the floor and looks at the board-- quiet board. Meredith looks at the time on her pager, it was well after 2am. Meredith looks over a few charts, signing where necessary on the chart and Derek's post-op notes.

She allows her mind to wonder. She wonders what Derek did today. He probably was at home asleep getting the sleep he so desperately needed. The sleep that he couldn't get when she was around because they couldn't seem to keep their hands off of one another.

Working with Addison had went well. She was a kind woman, and did not go out of her way to make Meredith uncomfortable. They were two professional women working through a very awkward, and sticky situation. She hadn't seen Dr. Sloan all day, and wanted to ask Addison if he had went home, but she figured that wouldn't be exactly appropriate.

Meredith puts the chart back in it's place and slowly makes her way around the floor looking for an empty on-call room. Finally finding one, she pushes on the door, and takes off her shoes, pulling her blue scrub top over her head. She's asleep before her head hits the pillow.

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11 November 2006 @ 11:50 am
Addison arrives in the cafeteria four minutes before their agreed time with the papers Derek had given her in hand. She lets out a sigh and sits down at an unoccupied table. So many eyes were on her as they stared and gawked. The papers she was holding had nothing to do with work and everyone knew it.

She purses her lips together and sets the papers down onto the table to stare at them. Even as she did so, her mind was wandering elsewhere, not focusing on the subject at hand.

After everything that had happened, how could Derek's smile still do this to her; make her heart flutter, make her breath catch in her throat, throw all coherent thought out the window. It isn't supposed to and he doesn't have a right to, not after everything. But really, what was Addison supposed to do? Tell him to stop looking at her that way, to stop smiling at her, to stop being the man she loves (loved?)?

She couldn't do anything to make it stop. She just had to wait it out and hope that these feelings she has for him would go away eventually. The possibility that it wouldn't scared her most. She wondered if Mark or anybody else would prevent her from feeling this way, but then again, would she ever be ready to let anyone else in?

With a sigh, she sits and waits for Derek's arrival. Addison silently hopes that she could handle what was to come.
07 November 2006 @ 07:43 pm
Addison was standing on the other side of the window, talking with Candice as she woke up. Both the mother and her child had suffered brain damage, complicated for the infant by an emergency C-section after she'd presented with bradycardia in the OR.

Derek watched from the hallway, seeing the interplay of empathy and concern on Addie's face. She had the gift of supreme and honest compassion for her patients. It was what made her such a good surgeon. She was the kind of doctor a young mother wanted to talk to when she woke up, reassuring, gentle, able to smile in a way that didn't belittle the pain Candice was facing.

Derek signed off on the post-op notes and lay them on the counter for Addie to sign when she got out of the patient's room, sitting down behind the unit desk and rubbing the sore muscles on his shoulder.
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01 November 2006 @ 10:24 pm
Derek sits behind the ward desk on the surgical floor, contemplating the feeling of being in the hospital and not practicing any medicine. He came in this morning to close his open cases, review charts of patient in recovery, and refer patients that need to be turfed while he's on leave. He watches the bustle of the staff around him, the controlled chaos of the surgical ward.

When his charts are finished he sneaks into the locker room and slips a note into Meredith's locker. Three words he can't seem to stop himself from saying everytime he sees her. After the first time he told her it was like a dam broke.

I love you. :)

With a self-depricating smile on his face, he rides the elevator down to triage. As soon as Dr. Cullinson signs off on his ventricular dystrophy, Derek is home free for two weeks. He hasn't gone that long without a scalpel in his hand since his internship. He knows he could operate to some degree without his left hand, but Meredith had pushed him to take the time off that he needed to heal, and he didn't particularly relish the idea of running into Mark again.

He spots Cullinson by the ambulance bay with an incoming head trauma. Derek watches the patient pass by, listening to the chatter of EMTs and making a silent diagnosis in his head.

"There's another one inbound - foreign body wound from a crossbow. Constant seizure activity in a late 20s pregnant female," the medic is presenting to him before he can explain that he's off duty, and Derek realizes that right now, this minute, if he walks away a woman and her baby will die.
And he's not officially on leave yet.

"Page Addison Shepherd, get me a portable x-ray and CT Scan and two interns. What'd she get in the field?"
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30 October 2006 @ 07:12 pm
Addison walks up to the nurses' station and sets the chart down onto the counter, flipping it open to read the notes whoever was on call wrote in it from the previous night. She looks like a mess, dark circles under her eyes from the lack of sleep. She's only slept a few hours since the last time she talked to Mark, the day she ended it.

The uncertainty of her decision is still there, haunting her every waking minute. She wishes she were stronger and that somehow she could fix it, maybe even take it back. But he's been avoiding her, and she understands. There are rumors of him moving back to New York. She wishes they weren't true, but maybe it's for the best. She keeps telling herself that.

She closes the chart and waits for her intern, Alex Karev. Torturing him is the only thing that can completely distract her mind nowadays.
23 October 2006 @ 10:12 pm
Izzie hums to herself as she washes the dinner and breakfast dishes. The dishwasher seems to be broken, so everything has to be washed by hand. She doesn't mind though, because it gives her something to do in the afternoon. George left at 4am and Meredith never came home last night, which doesn't surprise her considering the little chat they had yesterday. Izzie grabs the last bowl and rinses it off before placing it in the drying rack. She scans the kitchen for anything out of place, anything dirty in need of washing and comes up empty. The house is practically spotless and she feels proud that she's kept herself busy for half the day. Her stomach grumbles and she checks her watch. She turns to open the fridge when she catches sight of the 8.7 million dollar check. It's mocking her, just staring back at her with the swirly letters and all those zeros. She still hasn't figured out what to do with it and George's constant nagging isn't helping things.

Just then she hears a knock on the door and heads to the front entrance. Alex really doesn't need to keep checking up on me, she thinks as she grabs the door handle. Lunch with him yesterday was actually enjoyable, but she's not ready to make it a habit. She lets out a little sigh and opens the door only to see Finn standing outside instead.

"Uh, hi?" she says slightly skeptically. She's only met Finn once before, and after that the next time she saw him she was leaving prom after Denny died. "Meredith isn't here," she continues after he just smiles back at her. I'm guessing Meredith hasn't told him that it's over, yet, Izzie thinks and smiles back to be polite.
23 October 2006 @ 12:11 am
Hey it's me. I'm so sorry to do this but there's an emergency and we're short on interns, so I have to cancel. We need to talk. Please don't stop by the hospital or anything. I'll give you a call later tonight, but I'm not too sure when I'm going to get out of here.

22 October 2006 @ 08:12 pm
Meredith walks down the crowded corridor. She can't get what happened this morning out of her head. She cannot believe that she hurt Derek that much. His wife cheated on him, and he sees his might-be girlfriend kissing another man, in a public place. She wants nothing more than to tell the chief that Derek needs some company at home, and to cancel her date with Finn, and go home to Derek, but she knows she cant.

Derek needs his alone time, and Meredith knows she has to give him that. She's just worried that when she reaches him tonight, all his feelings will be bottled up, and he won't want to talk about it. They have to talk about it. While it was just a kiss, it was much, much more. Meredith's pretty sure a little part of him will never trust her again, a little part of him will wonder if she's cut from the same cloth as Addison. The cloth of an adulteress.

Meredith can't focus, and it's not even 12 yet. She couldn't cancel her lunch date with Finn. She has to end things. She had to show Derek that she has made up her mind, and only wants him. She can't think of anything she wants more than Derek. She looks down at her watch.

Why is time moving so slowly.

Needing some alone time she goes to the Maternity ward to look at the babies. She looks at them through the thick glass and can't help but envy their innocence, their purity. Two things that Meredith has long lost. Meredith feels dirty, and is over come by a surge of emotions and needs to find a private place to pull herself together. She runs down the hall to the supply closet, and throws open the door.

"Shit," Meredith whispers.

Addison's sitting on the floor in the closet. Her usually perfect make-up is smudged. Mascara is running down her face. She's crying, and from the look of things she has been for some time.

Meredith stands there for a few moments, unable to move or form some kind of apology. Rather she begins to cry.

"I'm so sorry," she says, in between sobs, as she moves to close the door.
21 October 2006 @ 06:56 am
Her day seems to be going ever so slowly. It's not even noon and all she wants to do is curl up in bed at home...wherever that is. She couldn't stay at the hotel, or at least she couldn't stay in the same suite at Mark. Firstly, it'd be too awkward, and secondly, she knew she'd end up doing something she'd regret. It's over. It had to stay that way.

Addison had been contemplating how she was going to tell him the entire day so far. She didn't know whether it was better to tell him in person or just to leave a message on his phone. Telling him over the phone was so impersonal, but she knew that if she decided otherwise, she wouldn't be able to handle it; standing in front of him, him looking down at her, the disappointment she'd expected. She just couldn't do it.

She sits in her office, ready to go grab something to eat from the cafeteria, and pulls out her cell phone to dial his number committed to memory. She had checked the OR board and he was still in surgery. It's better this way...

The phone rings several times before his voicemail picked up. His voice; how she hated the way it made her feel.

"Mark...It's me," Addison says softly. "I just wanted to tell you that...I'm not pregnant and we no longer have any ties, so you have nothing to worry about. I'll um, go back to the hotel later today and grab my things and get another room or something. Well...that's all I needed to say so...Goodbye Mark."

She presses the end-call button and takes a deep breath. This is for the best...

Addison pockets her cell phone and leaves her office to go to the cafeteria, a heavy feeling covering her heart.
Derek sits in the car, one hand gripping the steering wheel, one resting in the sling at his side.

"Damnit," he mutters, frustrated with himself, with Addison, with Mark, that son of a... "Damnit!" he yells.

He's not one for relying on other people to set his mood, but Derek feels like he deserves to feel better than this, and he knows the one person who can guarantee that. He climbs out of the truck, slams the door, and heads back to the hospital, trying to breathe out his anger and sadness.

He has his mood mostly in control by the time he hits the lobby - or so he thinks until he rounds the corner and sees Meredith... talking to the Vet.

"Meredith?" he says, quietly. Too quietly for either of them to hear, hopefully, because in the next second their mouths collide and Derek can only watch with a sick feeling in his stomach and a sudden flooding return of all the anger from the coffeehouse, from the weeks previous when he couldn't look at Meredith without thinking of Finn, when he couldn't...

Realizing that he'd rather not let the vet see him fly off the handle, he turns on his heel and heads back for the front doors. Apparently nothing was going to go right for him today.

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