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18 November 2006 @ 11:28 am
Afternoon at the SGH Cafeteria  
Izzie smiles to herself and take another sip of her tea. It's pouring outside, but somehow she feels like the sun is shining down on her. She sits alone for now, enjoying the solitude. The other day with Finn was unexpected but somehow refreshing. They talked for hours afterwards and he convinced her to reconsider her internship at Seattle Grace.

Izzie had just finished a two hour meeting with the Chief and Dr. Bailey and was granted permission to continue her internship. Even though she is now under strict probation and being watched like a hawk by Bailey, she doesn't mind so much. She tugs her lab coat around her tighter and it's as if she's starting to become whole again.

She hasn't told her friends yet and she grins to herself again, imagining their faces when they see her sitting casually in the caf in her scrubs and lab coat.

(ooc: I needed to get back in the game and fast forward through some stuff...bare with me here. And someone join Izzie for a little chat.)
Izzie Stevens: pretty blue scrubsizzzie_stevens on December 1st, 2006 04:39 pm (UTC)
Izzie watches him go back up the stairs and smiles to herself. He's definitely different; nicer and less obnoxious. It suits him, but also makes her feel off balance, like she doesn't know what to expect anymore.

She exits the stairwell and spots Bailey heading towards her. Izzie doens't want to know how she managed to get down so quickly, but she doesn't have time to care. She slips into the locker room and quickly changes into her regular clothes. She hangs her stethascope back up in her locker, folds her lab coat and scrubs and shuts the door. She grabs her purse and finally heads out the door.

Bailey is outside giving her a sideways look and Izzie just smiles warmly. "See you tomorrow, Dr. Bailey."

It's still pouring outside when she reaches the lobby and she fumbles with her umbrella for a few seconds. She checks her phone quickly for the time and sees a new message from Finn. She closes her phone before listening to the message, and heads out into the cold rain.