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27 February 2007 @ 02:37 pm
Seven O'Clock  
Seven o'clock comes and goes as does eight and nine. It's fast approaching ten as Alex finally picks up the check, putting some cash on the table before sliding it over to her. Because friends?

Friend only pay their half.

And when he promised her a casual evening he meant every word of it. Because pizza and beer definitely qualified as that. Not that getting her liquored up was at all any part of any bigger plan.

They head out of the hole in the wall that houses the best pizza in the city and head towards the parking lot.

Where they both-- have separate cars.
Izzie Stevens: pink sweater gazeizzzie_stevens on March 11th, 2007 12:21 am (UTC)
Izzie smiles as they say goodnight and walk their separate ways. It was a good night. Maybe even great. Alex proved himself to be a gentleman. He was funny and witty, and she'd forgotten that they used to be friends before everything happened. She'd forgotten how much she enjoyed his friendship, when everyone else still hated him.

She fumbles with her keys and once she gets them out of her purse she stares at them in her hand for a moment. She can hear Alex getting into his car a few rows over and she leaves her car to walk the 10 paces or so to him.

He doesn't see her approach and when she knocks on the driver window he jumps a little. He winds down the window and she smiles shyly, wondering if she's making a mistake.

"If you don't have a crazy 4am shift tomorrow, you should come over. I made some cookies from a new recipe I found the other day..."
alexkare_v on March 12th, 2007 12:52 am (UTC)
She leans her head down slightly to his level and cast her eyes down in this shy but insanly charming sort of way.

And Alex? Alex almost misses what she's saying and the words cookies and other day aren't really making a ton of sense in his head when she pauses and looks at him-- waiting for an answer.

But of course it's Alex and he puts it together fast enough and really he can't decide if Izzie really just wants cookies or if Izzie really just wants an excuse to keep talking. Regardless, Alex will take it.

"Yeah. Yeah. I mean no. I don't have a crazy shift tomorrow." He kind of grins then and she grins back because every other occupation would probably consider their normal 6am shifts a little early. "Cookies sound good. I'll follow you?"